107" Road King

This is the first bike we built here at Bad Pig Customs and we built just because we could. We put a monster of a motor in this bike, a 107" T-Man Performance. The motor was originally a customers of ours but he decided to sell it when he pulled his front wheel off the ground in 3rd gear. 

Not only did we put a fast motor in it, but we also put a bunch of goodies on it aswell. The sheet metal was bought from a dealer brand new. A manager bought a Screamin' Eagle paint set for their bike and we got the old set. The wheels are called "Trinity" from DNA but they discontinued the design shortly after we bought our set. We also put Harley's Daymaker LED lights in it, a black one for the headlamp and chrome for the spotlights. It also has a complete "Ironside" controls and floorboard kit on it. The "Ironside" collection was originally on  Harley's 2009 CVO Road Kings.

When we finished the bike and started showing it around we were asked by Thunder Roads Michigan if we wanted to put it on the cover of their October issue. Of course we said yes and got on the cover and a page in magazine.

Posted on June 30, 2015 .

Five Alarm Road Glide

We had originally purchased this paint set with the intent of reselling it later on for some quick change but as luck would have it we were approached to participate in a bike build off. The build period stated at the end of March with the deadline being Saturday June 6th the day of the show.

The paint set on the bike is by Gunslingers Custom Paint. They are the guys who do Harley's custom paint work. The paint set is called the Five Alarm. We got our hands on this set brand new still in the boxes from a dealer that was bought out.

The motor and transmission in the bike were bought brand new from Harley dealers. The motor is a 103 C.I.D. and was purchased from Motor City Harley Davidson. The transmission case was bought new from Brighton Harley-Davidson while the actual gear set was a brand new take out Harley gear set bought from Baker Drivetrain.

The front end is all from Performance Machine and the wheels are from DNA. The fork slider, fork cans, caliper and rotor are all PM's contrast cut collection. The wheels are called "Thirteen" from DNA and are also contrast cut. We had the frame and most of the engine covers and other little pieces powder coated to match the red in the sheet metal.

While we didn't win the show (2nd place) people loved the bike and we got a lot buzz from it and overall it was a great time and we loved every minute of it.


Below is a list of all the accessories and other extras we put on the bike.

Arlen Ness Beveled Fusion Series Fuel Door, Dash Insert Black Driver Floorboards, Passenger Floorboards, Footpegs, Brake Pedal, Mirrors, and Shift Pegs. Roland Sands Designs Venturi Air Cleaner Slam Black Ops and Chrono Grips Contrast Cut. Harley-Davidson Daymaker LED Headlight, Titanium Faced Gauges, Burst Collection Rocker Box Covers, Screamin’ Eagle Spark Plug Wires, Oil Cooler, Hydraulic Clutch and Display Stand. Battistinis Wireframe Body Grille in black. Figure Machine USA Classic Derby Cover and Timing Cover. Carl Brouhard Designs Triangle Shift Rod and Elite Shift Arm. Kuryakyn Fairing Mounted Driving Lights and Turn Signals with LED Lights. Progressive Touring Link Chassis Stabilizer. Arc Audio Speakers. Dan Worth Motorcycle Paint Bag Extensions. Silly Fast Custom Brake and Clutch Lines. Ultima ThunderFire 1.75kw Chrome Starter.


Posted on June 10, 2015 .